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About Me

A little bit about me

Hello, my name is Lynda Keleer and I am a professional content writer based in Montreal, Canada. Writing is my lifelong passion and vocation, and after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Literature from Trent University, I became a full-time writer specializing in web content.

In 2009, just as I finished my Masters, the demand for online content was booming, with exciting new ways to channel creativity becoming available. I quickly realized that online freelancing was the best format for me, and I worked very hard to develop SEO strategy, keyword integration and blogging website copywriting skills. Over the years, I had a chance to work in a large number of industries, developing broad expertise that can easily be transferred to new projects. I like to keep my services reasonably priced with quality on top, focusing on long term collaboration.


My winning Team

Being a freelancer doesn’t mean working alone – I have an extraordinary team of top content writing pros on my side, each of them specializing for a particular set of tasks. This allows me to serve every client the right way and deliver highly customized and well-crafted content regardless of the project’s size or complexity. Together, we can handle bulk orders under strict deadlines, or accomplish more sophisticated goals on projects where quality is more important than quality. The team has been together for a while so our internal communication is flawless, but we do occasionally integrate new members to keep things fresh. That way, we stay prepared for any challenge and always exceed the client’s expectations.


My clients

Specialization is the key to success in the modern marketplace, and my content writing service developed along those lines in order to stay competitive and follow the current trends. I have a lot of experience creating web copy, search-engine-optimized content, first-person blogs, online ads and many other types of marketing content. I worked with manufacturing, retail and B2B companies, and am highly skilled in creating focused copy well suited for each channel. My clients come from all over the world, and I developed a working system to keep everything flowing smoothly despite the time zone differences. I am physically located in Montreal, but I actually enjoy working with international clients and managing cross-border projects. This provides me with a chance to expand my horizons and learn more about the business culture in different parts of the world.


My Work Environment

There are many possible setups for freelance work, but I prefer having a small personal office in order to stay focused at all times. It also allows me to minimize distractions and be available to clients whenever they need me, and good communication is half the job in this line of work. Thanks to advanced technology, I can respond in real time and take face-to-face meetings via video link. In other words, my office may be small but it’s so well connected that I can run a global operation from it.


A few personal details

♥ I am always in pursuit of fine coffee and chocolate brands to try
♥ I am a bookworm and love more to be with books than humans!
♥ I am a huge animal lover and sometimes do housesitting and pet-sitting to complement my income. It’s typically great fun and a source of various adventures – I might write a book about it one day.
♥ Traveling is in my blood and visiting every single corner of this globe is my mission! Some of the locations I visited include:
o America: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Texas, Florida, and Mexico.
o Europe – Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and France.

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