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About This Project

Canadian Black Book is a big bright name in the Canadian automobile industry. The company plays the role of information treasure for car dealers as well as for consumers. They research auctions, as many auctions as possible and then their editors (this is where we come in) format the information according to the needs of industry stakeholders.


Canadian Black Book is a happy memory for us. We had a chance to serve that mighty company with around 40,000 words per month for five great years. We used to write 50-60 SEO automotive articles every month in Canadian English.


The articles are basically vehicle reviews in nature and are specific to the Canadian automotive market. Besides the SEO articles, we were also responsible for writing landing page contents and location pages.


Automotive articles are always sophisticated to write and the results of extensive research. Canadian Black Book helped us to master producing this rare kind of content. Trust me; you need some special merit to write automotive contents.