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About This Project

DailyFeed is a media channel of Digital1.com. It is a British publishing company mostly serving the latest celebrity gossip. You will be surprised to know the monthly traffic volume of this mighty website. DailyFeed publishes 10-12 SEO engineered long blog posts every day on an average with A large versatile team working behind this giant publishing channel.


DailyFeed is one of our current contracts. Six months back, we met a couple of their executives on LinkedIn. They were expanding their writer’s team at that moment, and we applied for the position through their sophisticated selection funnel.


We produce SEO engineered long blogs and long quizzes for DailyFeed. More than 40,000 words are produced every month by our writers for this company. Each of the blogs require a good number of high-quality images to be embedded along with social media updates. Not only do we produce these celebrity blogs, but also post them from their WordPress website backend following their specific instruction. One of their main requirements from us is that we use a good number of paid SEO tools for assessment.


For the quizzes, each of them requires 60 questions at a minimum. The quizzes are subject to time-consuming research. Each of the questions demands one high-quality image, which means we ensure 60 relevant, high quality images for one single DailyFeed quiz.